Frequently Asked Questions

1Who is Jason Hill Anyway?

Hi! I’m Jason M. Hill founder of this website. I have an MBA, and am a professionally trained Technical Project Manager and Scrum Master.

Subject matter expert on helping employers build highly effective teams and helping job seekers finds their dream jobs! He is not only a seasoned recruiter, but has been a successful entrepreneur starting and running various businesses including, business and technical consulting services, and outsourced bookkeeping services, among other ventures.

You can read Jason’s Bio here.

2What is the purpose of this website?

Having worked with thousands of people and placed hundreds of job seekers in jobs they love, I created this platform to help teach job seekers how to go from “being stuck in a job they hate” to “finding and working at their dream job." Click here to read some of the free helpful strategies that I have outlined to help you how to find your dream job.

3How can this site help me?
This site is full of rich, amazing content and strategies to help you take control of your job search and land the career of your dreams. Click here to see some of the secrets you’ll learn on how to find your dream job.
4Does this site cost money?
This site has a ton of rich, free content and strategies to help you out. I have also created an in-depth, paid course to help job seekers (like you) land your dream. You can find the free content on my blog. If you are interested in taking my course you can sign up here.
5I heard you offer an amazing course to help job seekers find their dream job – How can I sign up?

Yes – that is true! I created an in-depth course to help job seekers (like you) land their dream job.

If you are interested in taking my course you can sign up here.

6Can Jason come speak at our a company, association, or event?
Whether it’s 50 or 5,000 I love getting in front of people and teaching them all that I have learned. I do a limited number of paid speaking engagements each year so please send me an email and let me know what you are working on and how I can help.
7Can we hire Jason to help our organization hire better?

I love helping companies identify, attract and hire! I love helping to build high performing teams and amazing cultures. If that is what you’re looking for please feel free to reach out.

8Does Jason provide one on one coaching?
I love helping people find their dream job! I have helped thousands of job seekers over the years and would be happy to help you. If you are up for making real change in your life - please feel free to drop me a line.