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Lou Palermo

Sr. Project Manager

Jason has always been there for me. He has helped me at every turn by providing both positive and productive insight to further my career. Whenever I needed any advice, he's always there to fill the gap and helped bring swift closure to all issues. I would highly recommend Jason to help clients find quality resources and those that are looking for work. You can be assured that you are working with Jason, you're working with the best in the field. For the brief time I've worked with him he has changed my life for the better. He will do the same for you.

Andie Fischer

Product Manager

Jason Hill is a true leader…. Jason was an absolute pleasure to work with and his skills and talents are beyond compare. His attention to detail and compassion is displayed in everything he does. He is an advocate for the people that he works with and goes the extra mile each time....I have been in the business world for a long time and rarely do you find a person like Jason. I owe my success to Jason and his team.

Aaron Rotkel

Vice President, Business Development

He took the time to get to know me, as an individual and made suggestions based upon my personal career goals and what I bring to the table. He did not take a canned approach like so many of the other recruiters that I have spoken with. He taught me the importance of building and maintaining an efficient professional network. He has also shown me the importance of consistency, follow through, and why it is important to maintain good clear communication. Jason has really helped me contemplate the big picture – as not to lose sight of long-term goals for short term gains. He also taught me creative ways of formatting my resume to make it stand out and get noticed by prospective employers. Jason’s professional consulting and interpersonal communication skills have made him an excellent career coach in helping me with all aspects of my job search and career planning. I would definitely recommend Jason and his services to anyone who is serious about building their professional career.

Bill Durkin

Business Solutions Architect

Recruiters are looking to place you. Jason is looking to get you a job.

Barry Banks

Quality Assurance Analyst

Of all the recruiters I have encountered since completing graduate school, Jason is the one who really delivered for me. My experience with numerous other recruiters made me skeptical of the whole process, but Jason really took the time to learn about my background, my experience, and most importantly, my aptitude for learning. When I was convinced I could not make the commute to the job in question, Jason spent at least a half hour on the phone with me discussing alternatives and motivating me to research them. In the end, I not only went to the interview that I had originally planned to abandon, but I also got a job offer on THE SAME DAY as the interview. Finally, Jason got me a salary that was above and beyond what I thought I could possibly get at my experience level. I still can't thank him enough.

Eva Marchion

Sr. User Experience Designer

“Anyone who knows or has worked with Jason is aware that he possesses excellence in whatever he takes on. Jason is a great communicator and a tremendous asset which I recently utilized. He was always willing to answer questions and provide solutions when I needed them.”

Arthur E. Grants

Research Administrator

Jason was instrumental in working with a major Health Care Provider in New York City to find me a position there. Although I landed that position, I chose to take a different opportunity. Jason's work provided me with a choice of opportunities which I may not have otherwise had. He is an excellent communicator and worked hard for me. I appreciated his efforts and would recommend him and his company's service to anyone looking for career advancement.

Emily I.

Technical Program Manager

Jason was absolutely terrific to work with. He was able to patiently provide clarity and direction and I felt like he was really on my team. I would not hesitate to work with him again or recommend him to anyone who is either in the market to change jobs...It was a great experience!

Scott Sloss

Quality Scientist II

I have Jason to thank for getting my start at Pfizer, which ultimately resulted in me being permanently hired. The position he submitted me for was a perfect match in terms of my experience and what I was looking for, as well as what Pfizer was seeking; it really was a win/win. He was excellent over the course of my year and a half working with Sound Advice, as he was always there for me whenever I needed anything and his polite and upbeat attitude made for a pleasure interacting with him. He really went out of his way to make sure that I was happy and when I felt I was due for a raise he was able to get me exactly what I was looking for. In short . . . based my results and experience working with him, I give Jason my highest recommendation; he's an excellent recruiter”

Blaine McDonnell

Sr. Implementation Manager

Jason is an excellent recruiter. He is concerned about his Clients’ needs and is willing to go to bat for them. He also has a good understanding of technology in order to know where people might fit best. Very few recruiters keep you as well informed as Jason does. Thank you Jason!

Clayton Boyer

Sr. Healthcare IT Consultant

Jason was instrumental in helping me to find a new position that fits me very well. He possesses the technical expertise to evaluate and understand an individual’s skills and ensure a win-win for employer and employee. He provides assistance in all aspects, from resume creation through to salary negotiation. If you’re looking for something to better your situation professionally and financially, Jason is your go to guy.

Maurice Perdreau


Jason really knows what he is talking about. When you apply to jobs, you really don't know what is going on at the other end. You don't know the statistics. You don't know the competition. Jason provides a voice to fill that void. If you really want to know about the project manager job market, talk to Jason.

Jaye S.

Certified Nutrition Health Coach

Jason really cares. He is fantastic and anyone would be lucky to have him in their corner.

Yesenia Santos

Quality Control Analyst

He guided me and helped me out. He encouraged me. He reached out to new and better jobs. Jason knew I had qualifications to get the job, I just didn’t know how to do it. Conventional wisdom said, "You apply and you wait,” so that’s what I was doing. Jason explained exactly how process was going to go. And then called me and asked what my experience was like. Jason goes above and beyond. The job required a CPR license. I didn’t have one and couldn’t pay for it. He paid for it. I have the utmost respect for Jason.

Erin Zucca

Event Coordinator

Jason taught me to be proactive and reach for my goals without hesitation - and saved me from being stressed out. The knowledge he provided me about the real world and the current workforce was immense and he put me at ease with his words of wisdom and sincerity. He saved me time by providing me with so much information. If it were not for him, it would have taken me a much longer time to grow and learn. He sped up the learning process for me and provided me with invaluable knowledge.

Amy Patel

Technical Analyst

“I can't thank Jason enough for his help. Being laid off was a tough experience for me but Jason really helped boost my self-esteem. He walked me through all the steps to help me get a job and I landed one a week after I met with him. I have only known him for a short time but he is a very dedicated and understanding individual. I would highly recommend his work to anyone.”

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